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    February 7, 2024

    Mexico's New IFT Seal Guidelines: Compliance and Labelling Requirements

    The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFETEL) of Mexico officially published guidelines for the use of the IFT Seal of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications in products, equipment, and devices for approved telecommunications or broadcasting on December 26, 2023. 

    These new guidelines for labelling policies will enter into force on September 9, 2024, and specify the following:

    • Homologation importers and manufacturers must include the IFT Seal in the marking or labelling of telecommunications or broadcasting equipment.
    • This IFT Seal must be highly visible and legible, without requiring magnification, in black or negative black ink.
    • Approved products must include the prefix “IFT” and the Certificate of Homologation number in addition to the IFT Seal.
    • The IFT Seal can only be used during the valid dates of certification on approved products.
    • The use of the IFT Seal is not mandatory for previously approved products (including those that had already begun the approval process before the entry into force date) and will continue to be covered under the respective guidelines. 

    How Nemko Can Help

    By choosing to partner with Nemko, your organization is given direct access to world-class, certified laboratories and their corresponding experts who can work with your team to get you ready for this new labelling approval. 

    Thanks to our recognized product certification and testing expertise, paired with our active involvement in developing the latest industry standards globally, Nemko is proud to offer its clients a single-source testing and certification solution that meets their ever-evolving needs. Find out more by emailing us at to get started today.  

    Michelle Furrow

    I am the International Approvals Specialist/Americas Regional Coordinator. In my role, I establish routes and relations in the assigned region for international approvals by documenting country procedures for customers that need regulatory approvals on their products. I also develop relations with certification...

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