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    November 20, 2020

    MTCTE (Regulated by TEC) | Telecom Equipment certified under MTCTE

    TEC Certification

    As protection & safety of the end user or general public from the radio frequency emission of telecom equipments have become utmost importance , certification of these equipments is highly necessary. There is also a risk that an uncertified telecom equipment might degrade its performance of existing network to which it is connected resulting in poor efficiency and threat to business. The Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules, 2017, provides that every telecom equipment must undergo mandatory testing and certification prior to sale, import or use in India. This is regulated through a scheme called MTCTE (Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment).

    MTCTE is designed to cover 46 types of telecom products along with other variants under each of these product types. Testing is carried out to check conformance with essential requirements of the equipment, by labs designated by TEC. Certificates are issued by TEC based on the test reports.

    The MTCTE scheme is planned to be notified in approximately 7 phases depending upon the testing infrastructure of TEC designated labs. Phase-1 & phase-2 are already notified covering 16 types of telecom products & phase-3 is expected soon (List of products covered). Nemko India is a designated TEC laboratory for safety testing. 

    There are two types of certification schemes:

    1. GCS - Under this scheme, applicant shall be required to submit test wise compliance along with test reports, in respect of parameter included in ER, from any designated CAB or recognized CAB of MRA partner country. The test results shall be evaluated for compliance against respective ERs.

    2. SCS - Under this scheme, applicant must submit a test wise compliance sheet, along with a self-declaration of conformity (SDoC), in respect of parameters included in ERs. All other rules/procedure applicable in case of GCS shall apply in case of SCS, except that the test reports are not required to be summited by applicant or evaluated by TEC. TEC, however, reserves the right to asks the applicant to submit copy of report in case it is required.

    The technical regulations prescribed under this MTCTE framework are in the form of essential requirements (ER) that include:

    1. Safety
    2. EMI/EMC
    3. Technical Requirements (Including wireless / RF)
    4. Security: To be notified by DoT
    5. Another requirement: To be notified by DoT.

    Basic Documents requirements:

    For product testing: -

    1. Product instruction manual
    2. Product datasheet
    3. Marking label
    4. Circuit diagram & PCB layout
    5. ILAC test reports (other than safety & EMC)

    For creation of profile in MTCTE portal:-

    1. Certificate of incorporation
    2. Specimen Affidavit
    3. MOU clauses
    4. Authorization letter / AIR authorization letter 

    Note: Rest of the samples, accessories & other documents requirement can be told after reviewing the project.

    TEC Certification Process

    Need clarity ? check this link for FAQs

    How Nemko can help

    1. With our rich experience of safety, EMC, Technical & other compliance parameters required to execute a TEC project (MTCTE), we act as one stop solution.
    2. Help manufacturer to identify the interfaces present in their product as per specs sheet / datasheet.
    3. Help manufacturer to identify the applicable ER of the product, in case the manufacturer has any confusion.

    The Benefits of working with Nemko

    1. By choosing Nemko as your market access partner, you will be working with experienced processionals focused on delivery via the optimal route to product compliance and testing as well as can guide you towards the right path for certification.
    2. Nemko provides a fast turnaround time, helping to get your products to market in as little time as possible.
    3. Nemko has employees who participate in regulatory body committees, allowing us to always provide the latest update and input to our customer.

    For more information about MTCTE Testing and Certification visit our website.


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