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    November 21, 2022

    Nemko Empowers Anticimex as Cyber Security Frontrunners

    Nemko’s global presence and ability to offer one-stop shop help Anticimex get their products easier to market and to act in advance of the new requirements.

    TOP 3 STRENGHTS OF NEMKO – According to Rasmus Skou, Head of Hardware Technology Test and Certification, in Anticimex Innovation Center in Denmark

    3 strengths of Nemko visuals

    The collaboration between Anticimex and Nemko started three years ago when Anticimex was looking for a new certification partner.

    “We were growing and expanding our markets, which means certification was becoming more complex. We needed a global certification partner with experience in market access in Asia and the US,” says Rasmus Skou, Head of Hardware Technology Test and Certification in Anticimex in Denmark.

    Rasmus Skou at Anticimex productionRasmus Skou at Anticimex production in Denmark

    Rasmus continues: “We choose to partner with Nemko, because they can cover all our certification needs and have everything under one roof and with one point of contact. That makes it much easier for us as a customer.”

    Frontrunners on cyber security

    Anticimex is the third largest pest control company in the world, and the number one leading company on digital pest control. By employing digital strategies on pest control, they take a modern approach to fighting pest by using data instead of poison. Anticimex Innovation Center in Denmark develops IoT (Internet of Things) for the global Anticimex Group.

    Cyber security is not a mandatory regulatory requirement yet, but this will change as of 1 August 2024, impacting manufacturers of IoT devices like Anticimex. Through Nemko, Anticimex became aware of this change:

    “Nemko helps us be proactive in certification when new legislation comes up. For example, on cyber security, we got a heads-up from Nemko that a new legislation is coming,” Rasmus explains.

    Emil Hjorth Espensen, Certification Manager with Anticimex and responsible for handling the daily certification with Nemko, explains how Anticimex took the first steps towards compliance with the upcoming regulations:

    “We went to Nemko in Oslo for a meeting on the Cyber Security Act. It’s nice to be informed about these new requirements and regulations, it makes it possible for us to prepare on time.”

    Emil Espensen at Anticimex productionEmil Espensen at Anticimex production in Denmark

    Anticimex’s digital products was subsequently pre-audited by Nemko against the ETSI/EN 303 645 standard, which the upcoming cyber security standard is expected to resemble. Anticimex are hereby able to offer their customers safe IoT that show compliance beyond the mandatory requirements.

    Learn more about Anticimex and how Nemko support testing and certification of their smart pest control devices.


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