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    June 27, 2023

    Nemko USA Expands Services for Korean RF Approval: Streamlining Certification Process

    San Diego, CA - Nemko USA, Inc., a leading testing and certification solutions provider, announced on June 21st a significant expansion of its services to include Korean RRA Radio testing. In addition to the existing EMC test capabilities, this expansion allows the company to perform radio testing and generate radio reports that will be readily accepted for Korean RF Registration/certification submissions, streamlining the approval process for clients.

    The recent recognition of Nemko North America, Inc. as a Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) by the RRA adds further value to this expansion. The coordination between Nemko USA, Inc. and Nemko North America, Inc. facilitates a seamless and efficient certification process for projects requiring Korean EMC/RF approval. As a result, clients no longer need to send their samples to other Nemko locations outside of the USA, significantly reducing lead times and ensuring faster market access.

    Director of Nemko Group Certification, Stuart Beck, said: “Combining Nemko San Diego’s Phase I recognition, Nemko Austin’s Phase I recognition, and Nemko Canada’s Phase I along with the Nemko North America, Inc.  TCB recognition gives us a unique position to expand EMC and radio certification/registration for this market.” 

    With the integration of Korean RRA Radio testing into the scope of services, Nemko USA's San Diego facility now offers comprehensive in-house capabilities to test and certify products requiring Korean Registration or Certification. This development signifies a major milestone in Nemko’s commitment to meeting clients’ evolving needs in the rapidly growing Korean market.

    The expanded services offered by Nemko USA, Inc. represent a strategic response to the increasing demand for Korean RF approval in various industries. By providing local testing and certification capabilities, Nemko aims to enhance convenience and cost-effectiveness for clients while maintaining the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. Clients can expect the following solutions:

    • Faster market entry into South Korea
    • Local testing and certification saving time and money
    • Local interpretation of requirements more in line with US business
    • Dedicated International Approval support services with a single point-of-contact

    Nemko USA's San Diego facility stands ready to support a wide range of projects requiring Korean RF approval. With expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive experience in the field, Nemko USA Inc. remains at the forefront of delivering comprehensive testing and certification solutions, empowering businesses to navigate global markets confidently. 

    Nemko’s recognition letter

    The scope of recognition can be viewed on the designation letter and covers many products that require certification or registration with Korea. For questions about the new, faster route to approval in Korea, please contact us.

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    Vina Kerai

    Vina is located in Nemko’s US office and she is responsible for Nemko’s Telecommunications Certification Body programs. Vina has a proven track record of successfully implementing and managing certification programs with over 18 years of experience from R&D/engineering, compliance testing and certification to...

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