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    March 31, 2024

    New additional CB Scheme programs



    The international IECEE/CB Scheme has essentially been used for type certification of end-
    products, but also for components with applicable standards. Otherwise, components are 
    documented as integral parts of the end products. This certification has commonly been referred 
    to as the CBTC (Test Certificate) program, as described in the IECEE Operational Document 

    With respect to components as well as certain aspects of a product, it has been decided to introduce two additional programs, namely a Component Certification Program (CCP) and an Aspect Certification Program (ACP), which, amongst others, Nemko can then offer to customers.
    The rules for these new programs are included in new annexes (D and E) to the basic Rules of procedure of the CB Scheme, ref. the document IECEE 02 (ed.23.0) which is available in the IECEE Operational Documents.

    The essential differences from the current CBTC are:
    The CCP: Using parts of an end-product standard within IECEE scope, i.e. using only the clauses/requirements which are 
    applicable to the component/sub-assembly to result in an IECEE Component Certificate of Conformity (CCC).

     The ACP: Using an end-product standard within IECEE scope to cover only one specific aspect of the end-product to result in an IECEE Aspect Certificate of Conformity (ACC).
    In fact, ACP covers the complete standard, but is covering only part of the product safety or performance of the 

    A transition period for the implementation is not yet agreed, so the current practice of CBTC may continue until further notice. Specific certificate templates have been established for the CCP and ACP and published as the IECEE Operational Documents OD-2037-F4 & OD-2037-F5. 
    Guidelines and examples on applications of the CCP and ACP shall be included in OD-2037. 

    Some examples for possible use of the new programs: 
    Under CCP:
    -Power supply for building in, with/without enclosure.
    -Battery pack with control circuit for building in
    Under ACP:
    -IP testing of enclosures (according to IEC 60529)
    -Photobiological safety (according to IEC 62741)
    -EMC of medical devices (According to IEC 60601-1)

    For further information please contact or

    (The article is based on the information shared by Skule Moe and Morten Andersen; edited by T.Sollie)

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