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    March 1, 2023

    New IECEE website launched


    IECEE logo

    The IECEE website, i.e., the digital 'home’ of the successful international CB Scheme, has been through a quite extensive renewal process, partly for the purpose of alignment with the current IEC design style and partly in order to offer a more streamlined look/feel and easier navigation. The new website went live on 16 February.

    All the information included in the previous website is also included in the new website, though some of it may have moved. Since the website page links have changed, if not seeing the new website design, one’s web browser cache should be refreshed, and bookmarks reset. Like before, the IECEE website contains information and overview of all aspects of this unique international certification scheme in which Nemko is one of the leading operators.

    For manufacturers and the market, it may be worth noting the overviews of the present 54 Member Body counties, the 93 national certification bodies (NCBs) with more than 500 associated testing labs and nearly 2000 authorized manufacturer labs as well as the scope of IEC standards involved. Also, the listings of currently valid CB product certificates, may be highly useful.

    rel="noopener" target="_blank" id="__hsNewLink">this link, and below is also included a link with access to a high-level sitemap presentation that illustrates in green boxes which menu items have been renamed or items that have been moved.

    New IECEE sitemap.

    For further information or any questions, please contact Tara Mitchell, (IECEE Conformity Assessment Operations Manager), or alternatively the editor of this newsletter).

    (Article is based on the email provided by IECEE secretariat edited by T.Sollie)

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