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    September 30, 2021

    New regulation for telecom equipment in Syria

    Like for Afghanistan, as reported in the last (August) issue of this newsletter; although everything may these days appear to be chaotic also in Syria, in certain technical areas the authorities seem to have due regulatory control.

    The Syrian Telecommunications & Post Regulatory Authority (SY-TPRA) recently announced a new regulation for telecom products to be marketed and used in Syria. The regulation is designated No.43 and is apparently so far available in Arabic only. According to its Article 2, it applies to all types of radio- and telecom terminal equipment. It is in effect from 1 September this year.

    The new regulation covers amongst other the following topics:

    • Type approval required.
    • Sample for testing may be requested by SY-TPRA in some cases
    • Approval label on the product or its sales box. (Must be black print on white background. May be in soft copy).
    • Approval label not required on systems and components as interface cards and pre-built modules.
    • SY-TPRA charges; EUR 425 for new applications, EUR 325 for renewals.

    For new applications, also proof of safety testing to the risk based standard IEC 62368 is required.

    For renewal of already approved products, the already submitted test reports based on the standard IEC 60950-1 or IEC 60065 will be accepted without new testing.

    For more information or assistance with type approval of telecom equipment for Syria, please contact or  

    * This blog is edited by Trond Sollie



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