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    April 25, 2023

    SASO Energy Consumption Standard for Electrical & Electronic Equipment

    Recently, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) released a notification about the final implementation dates for the new Technical Regulation of the Requirements for Standby, Off Mode Electric Power Consumption of Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Currently, its proposed date of adoption is April 6, 2023, with entry into force on July 1, 2024 for applicable parties.

    This regulation will affect importers and manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who handle any of the following products:
    ➔    Televisions or electronic screen displays
    ➔    Air conditioning units
    ➔    Clothes dryers
    ➔    Dishwashers
    ➔    Washing machines
    ➔    Microwaves
    ➔    Electric ovens

    Manufacturers and importers will be required to submit a valid test report based on this SASO regulation reference test standard as well as the proper documentation supporting their application for the SASO Certificate of Conformity (CoC). This documentation must include additional testing to prove safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), energy efficiency, etc. of the equipment. 
    Saudi Arabian importers and manufacturers who fail to meet these energy regulation requirements within their technical filings for CoC could be removed from the market if this regulation passes through this proposal stage successfully. 

    How Nemko can help

    The consequences for not complying with these upcoming regulatory changes will be substantial. Work with Nemko to perform a range of testing services that will ensure your organization has the sufficient documentation needed for the upcoming SASO inspection authorization for this Certification of Conformity process.

    Get started, today! 

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    Kenny Ho

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