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    May 1, 2024

    Scope extension of the Chinese compulsory CCC scheme



    The Chinese authority SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation) has in an Announcement No. 9-2024, published on 7 April, announced the addition of new product types to the scope of the compulsory CCC certification scheme. Products in the CCC scope must obtain certificate and carry the CCC mark before being marketed in China.

    The scope extension shall apply from 1 July this year and concerns 7 types of products, of which 3 are electrical: -
    Electronic toilets, -Explosion-proof lamps & control devices, -Flame retardant wires & cables.


    Moreover, SAMR has at the same time announced that from 1 November this year, CCC certification based on third-party evaluation will again be required for electrical low-voltage components, which are currently under the CCC self-declaration scheme. Hence, also such components must be certified and carry the CCC mark before being marketed in China.
    From 1 May this year, designated certification agencies can start accepting CCC certification applications for low-voltage components. The current system denoted "Compulsory Certification Product Compliance Self-Declaration Information Submission System" will no longer allow self-declarations.
    For those holding a valid CCC self-declaration for low-voltage components, the designated certification agency will directly issue a CCC certificate and ensure the validity of the certification through post-certification supervision.


    Before 1 November this year, enterprises holding valid CCC self-declarations should complete the conversion of CCC certificates and cancel the corresponding self-declarations accordingly. For already completed products which will no longer be produced, conversion is not required.


    From 1 November this year, the CCC self-declaration system for low-voltage components will no longer exist. 


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    (Also, see about webinar 2 May under ‘Upcoming events’)

    (Article is based on information provided by Vanessa Wen, edited by T.Sollie)

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