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    June 22, 2022

    SINTEF Norlab joins Nemko

    SINTEF Norlab has joined the Nemko Group and becomes Nemko Norlab. SINTEF Norlab is the largest Norwegian-owned laboratory group within environmental monitoring, chemical analyses, microbiology and veterinary medicine. The purpose of combining SINTEF Norlab’s competencies with Nemko’s market access and product testing, inspection and certification services is enabling the development of an integrated global services portfolio to support existing and new services managing the green transition.

    Per Ove Øyberg, CEO of Nemko, says: “The acquisition is an important next step on Nemko’s growth journey and part of our sustainability strategy of supporting a green transition through an expansion of our services. Combining Nemko’s services with those of SINTEF Norlab’s will enable us to meet the needs of existing and future customers in a competent and cost-efficient manner.”

    SINTEF Norlab will, as part of the merger, change names to Nemko Norlab, but otherwise continue their business operations as usual.

    Nemko Norlab Logo




    A strengthened combined entity
    The aim of combining SINTEF Norlab and Nemko is increased opportunities for both businesses to expand their operations and activities, both in Norway and globally.

    Integrating SINTEF Norlab’s strong skillset within materials and chemistry testing with Nemko’s global market access services and competencies within testing, inspection and certification of electrical products, components and systems, we will be able to meet existing and future customers’ demands in a competent and cost-efficient manner and offer one-stop-shop services worldwide.

    Nemko is a global organization that offers market access services to more than 150 countries, while SINTEF Norlab solely supports Norwegian customers today. The acquisition will strengthen the position of Nemko in the Norwegian home market and provide an opportunity for SINTEF Norlab to expand beyond Norwegian borders through Nemko’s international customer base.

    CEO of SINTEF Norlab, Eigil Dåbakk says: “The combined entity formed following the transaction between Nemko and SINTEF Norlab will bring exciting development opportunities to both our businesses. Our highly skilled work force and our strong presence in Norway represents growth opportunities for Nemko that we look forward to supporting, while Nemko’s global presence and experience with helping customers globally comply with increasingly complex requirements will bring new opportunities to both employees and customers at SINTEF Norlab.”

    Nemko Norlab and Nemko Group combined

    • 240 employees in Norway
    • 750 employees worldwide
    • 16 offices and labs in Norway and presence across Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa
    • Scope of services include testing, inspection and certification services concerning products and systems as well as environmental monitoring, chemical analyses, microbiology, and veterinary medicine.
    • Combined customer base of 9000 companies

    Nemko Norlab offices in Norway

    CEO of SINTEF Norlab, Eigil Dåbakk, will remain in place as CEO of Nemko Norlab and join Nemko’s Extended Management Team.

    Learn more about SINTEF Norlab by watching below video or visit website



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