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    May 1, 2022

    Some good news from Ukraine

    Nemko’s partner organization in Ukraine, the testing & certification body UkrTest in Kyiv, stopped operating shortly after the start of the war on 24 February when Kyiv was exposed to bombardment and threatened by invasion by Russian military forces

    After the pressure on Kyiv lessened somewhat towards the end of March, the capital city has gradually come back to more normality, whereby also UkrTest has since early April been operating again.

    However, local testing cannot be done at this time, and UkrTest’s certification is being based on acceptable test reports provided by the applicants.


    Certificates are being issued, but one may expect that the process will be a bit slower than what has been normal before. This is naturally understandable under the current circumstances with the uncertainty of the ongoing tragic war and with employees working from their home offices.

    However, as even foreign diplomats are now apparently returning to their embassies in Kyiv, it may hopefully soon be more or less back to business as usual also concerning market access for electrical/electronic products in this Ukraine.


    For more information, please contact


    (Article is based on text provided by Lars Hjerpseth, edited by T.Sollie)




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