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    May 1, 2023

    Some India telecom news


    India TEC

    Exemption of test parameters for certain product types.

    According to an MTCTE Office Memorandum issued on 29 March this year the Indian telecom authority TEC has, with immediate effect, exempted some test parameters for IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment, LAN Switches & IoT Gateways. Which parameters are included, and other details may be available at this link.

    This is a partial modification to the earlier memorandum No. 5-5/2021-TC/TEC dated 09.11.2002 for the LAN Switch products.

    Provisional certificate possible for certain product types

    Then on 18 April this year, TEC issued a Notification (No.6-6/2021-TC/TEC) regarding the possibility to issue provisional certificates for Routers, LAN Switches and DWDM equipment having specialized test requirements, if the device either operates on single- or three phase with current requirement ≥ 32A or operates on 48 V DC with current requirement ≥100A.


    For certification, the following must be submitted:

    - Safety and EMI/EMC test reports from laboratories accredited by an ILAC member body.

    - For (product specific) technical parameters, SDoC (Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity) by OEM is accepted.


    The provisional certificates will be valid for two years. Later when the planned Indian security requirements (ITSARS) for such products are notified, applicant is required to apply for conversion of the provisional integrated MTCTE certificate to include security testing. ITSARS are managed by the Indian National Centre for Communication Security, (NCCS). A list of approved and drafted ITSARs can be seen at their website.

    For two product types (Wi-Fi CPE and IP Routers) TEC certification applications must already from 1 July this year ITSAR compliance parameters.


    For further information, please contact

    For project and submission requirements details, please contact



    (Article is based on text provided by Vanessa Wen edited by T.Sollie)

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