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    February 1, 2023

    Some South American Telecom News


     Chile Flag- Chile revises technical Resolution for Short-Range Devices 

    The Chilean Technical Resolution No.1985 for Short-Range Devices has been revised by the Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones (SUBTEL). Their rationale is partly the need for adjusting to Wi-Fi 6, partly adapting the certification requirements to the reality of the market and partly to gain efficient control of the radio spectrum. The revised Resolution, which became effective last fall, is denoted No.2844 and entails modified Wi-Fi 6 frequency bands and certification requirements. The full text of this Resolution can be seen here. The changes are essentially found in Article 1.

    Applications that were in process at SUBTEL when the new resolution was issued, whether for certification or as part of applications for concession or permit, must be re-entered or supplemented with the new provisions duly covered.

    Colombia Flag- Colombia allocates new Frequency Band 

    The Colombian Ministry of Information & Communication Technologies (MINTIC) and the National Spectrum Agency did last fall issue a Resolution No. 737 that modifies Resolution No.105 of 2020 and updates the National Frequency Allocation Table.

    Resolution No.737 permits the use of Wi-Fi 6E within the operating frequency band 5925 - 7125 MHz for Wireless Access System (WAS) applications.
    Only the use of indoors access devices is allowed, and the devices must be powered directly from the commercial electrical power network.

    All the new measures are intended to facilitate access to Wi-Fi technology for end-users in those places where there is no coverage of mobile service networks as an alternative to obtain high-quality internet services.
    The Resolution No.737 in full can be seen here.

    For further information or assistance with certification for Latin America please contact

    (Article is based on text triggered by GMA News and edited by Trond Sollie)

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