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    May 31, 2024

    Successful joint Cyber Security seminar in China


    China Event1

    Together with SMQ, which is the laboratory of the governmental Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and Quality 
    Inspection (Group), Nemko China did on 9 May hold a successful joint customer seminar about cyber security. The seminar venue was the nice meeting facilities at SMQ in Shenzhen.  
    Around 70 people participated in this event, the majority being existing customers of SMQ as makers of various IoT & ITE products.
    The seminar aimed at providing thorough updates on both regulatory requirements and standards concerning cyber security, so as to help the customers with obtaining market access for their products in various countries including China. 
    The following topics were included:

    - The global cyber security regulations, with a focus on the EU and UK and a brief overview of other regulations.
      (presented by Mrs. Bihui Dai, Nemko China Cybersecurity Services Manager)

    - The cyber security standard ETSI EN 303 645. 
      (presented by Mr. Hans Gunneng Tømmerbakk, Cybersecurity expert at Nemko H.Q. in Norway)

    - China cyber security regulation and how the manufacturers shall get prepared for compliance. 
      (presented by Mr. Li Jong Bin, Manager of SMQ’s cybersecurity laboratory)

    During the subsequent Q&A session, the participants were very active in asking questions. Clearly the features of cyber security are less tangible than other common product features such as electrical safety, EMC, energy efficiency, etc., and are rather challenging to both understand and fulfill. So, also this event showed that there are definite needs for both basic education in cyber security as such, and in learning about specific requirements in different countries to gain market access for products that are affected by such requirements.

    In connection with the seminar, there was also a short ceremony where Nemko granted a Recognition Certificate to SMQ’s cyber security laboratory, whereby Nemko can issue cyber security approvals based on SMQ’s testing and evaluation results.
    For further information, please contact 

    (Article is based on the information shared by Amy Huang and edited by T.Sollie)

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