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    February 2, 2023

    Supporting the corporate Sustainability Policy


     Germany Sustainability- Replaced Christmas cards with trees

    Normally, Nemko Germany has sent Christmas cards and calendars to customers and
    partners. This past Christmas, however, in the spirit of environmental protection and sustainability, they replaced the Christmas card tradition with investment in freshly planted trees in a forest near their location in Pfinztal, near Karlsruhe in Germany.
    A total of 250 hardy Douglas Fir trees were donated, i.e., to be procured, planted and cared for by the community's foresters. 
    Symbolically, the first trees were under guidance by a local forest expert
    planted by Nemko Germany managers in the forest where numerous spruce trees were lost during the past years, partly due to extreme weather and partly associated bark beetle infestation.
    The head of Nemko Germany, Mr. Jahn Stephansen, says that they are committed to safety and sustainability for the customers, and want to make this for own sake as well, setting a good example in line with Nemko’s corporate policy.
    Apart from the local benefits, planting new trees is an effective measure in the fight against climate change because a tree removes approx. 10-20 kg of CO2
    from the air per year. 
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    China Sustainability

    - Environmentally friendly cups as New Year gift

    Also, Nemko China wanted to make a contribution in line with Nemko’s corporate Sustainability Policy, and as the new year ‘s gift to customers and partners, they provided this time special cups made by environmentally friendly material. Through this small token, they wanted to communicate environmental awareness to customers and partners, with the hope that 2023 will bring growing environmental awareness as well as good health and happiness.

    Disposable drinking cups has over the years created a significant waste problem.
    Coffee, tea and other takeaway drinks imply an enormous consumption of disposable cups around the world, many billions every year. It is estimated that only about 1% is recycled.

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    (Article is based on text provided by Nemko Germany and Nemko Korea edited by Trond Sollie)

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