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    November 3, 2023

    Taiwan updated lists of regulated electrical and electronic products



    In Taiwan, BSMI is the authority responsible for standardization, metrology and product inspection. Both imported and domestically manufactured products must comply with the inspection requirements before being placed on the market. Inspection of commodities is depending on the product type and is per one of the following schemes: -Batch-by-batch inspection (TABI), -Registration of product certification (RPC), -Monitoring inspection (MI), -Declaration of Conformity (DoC).

    For electrical and electronic products, the BSMI Safety Mark is mandatory and is based on testing by BSMI or by designated test laboratories, such as Nemko.
    The lists of the regulated products are from time to time updated. The list for IT products can be seen here.
    Amongst the changes are:
    - Updated classification codes (CCC) for Secondary lithium batteries, Automotive video cameras, Sound recording
       or reproducing equipment.
    - Adding of drones (< 2 kg, when equipped with cameras, positioning and navigation systems or connection ports)
     Modules II and III under RPC Scheme or TABI Scheme
    , from 1 July 2024.
    - Digital cameras change from DoC Scheme to RPC Scheme or TABI Scheme from 1 January 2025.

    The list for household appliances and lighting equipment can be seen
    Amongst the changes are: Updated classification codes (CCC) for lighting products such as Self-ballasted LED lamps, indoor lighting, Aquarium Lighting Fixture.

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    (Article is based on the info provided by Vanessa Wen and edited by T.Sollie)

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