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    May 31, 2024

    The CB scheme statistics for 2023 now published



    The recently released statistics by the IECEE, show that a total of 120009 international CB Test Certificates (CBTCs) were issued in 2023 and indicate a continued growth trend. (The high figures in 2020 and 2021 are regarded as exceptions, due to launching of some important new standard editions). 
    The graph to the left shows the impressive annual growth in the number of CBTCs issued annually over the past 27 years. 
    There are presently 53 Member Body countries in this scheme, with totally 94 NCBs (National Certification Bodies) and 592 testing labs, of which Nemko currently has 17 in different countries. Also, there are almost 2000 authorized manufacturer laboratories.

    As an Issuing NCB, Nemko is still among the leaders, with totally 5812 CBTCs issued last year, most of which were in the product categories ITAV (IT- & A/V equipment), OFF (office equipment), HOUS (household appliances), TRON (audio/video equipment), MEAS (measurement equipment) and MED (medical equipment).Moreover, Nemko is also still a leader regarding the number of certificates recognized by other NCBs. Those
    figures prove the continuing success of the Nemko services for global market access.

    More information is available at this IECEE site. Amongst other, one can in the right-hand column of that page find a graph showing in which countries most products with Test Certificates are made, and the overwhelming figures of China in this regard. From this it may seem that at least Chinese makers of electrical & electronic products have so far not been much affected by the ongoing deglobalization.

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    (Article is based on report published by IECEE and edited by T.Sollie)

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