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    November 3, 2023

    Ukraine plans harmonizing with European energy labelling of displays



    Not to mention the many other major challenges Ukraine is presently facing, there are major energy security challenges as a result of ongoing geopolitical and financial crises. 
    Improving energy efficiency across the economy could strengthen energy security by 
    decreasing the country’s dependency on fossil fuel imports, reduce pressure on public 
    budgets, and bring other cost reductions and benefits for the residents. 
    Ukraine's energy label for TVs based on the EU regulation No.1062/2010 has been common for a number of years, but now the authorities have issued a draft new Regulation for energy labelling of electronic displays, which is out for public hearing until 10 December this year. 

    The new Regulation will be in line with the European energy labelling scheme according to European Union’s ErP regulation No. 2019/2013, while the flag shown on the label, will be the Ukraine flag instead of the EU flag.
    Other than a revised way of calculating energy as basis for the ranking, the main change is the expansion of product scope, i.e. from only TVs to electronic displays in general, including various types of monitors and digital signage displays.

    Date of implementation of the new Regulation is yet to be decided.
    After introduction, new electronic display products marketed must be labelled according to the new Regulation, but this requirement will not apply to products already on the market.

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    (Article is based on the info provided by Kenny Ho and edited by T.Sollie)

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