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    March 1, 2024

    Update on market access conditions in Belarus


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    (Be aware that Belarus is currently subject to sanctions, including trade restrictions by the EU, USA and other countries)
    In Belarus, the national regulation TR 2018/024/BY (‘Telecommunication Facilities – Safety’) contains the requirements for conformity approval of telecommunication equipment (including radio modules being part of other products). 
    The regulation has per 17 February been updated on some points.
    There are still two forms of compliance documentation, i.e. Declaration (for subscriber terminal equipment and devices that contain radio modules) and Certification (for providers’ telecommunication facilities). Local testing is still mandatory both for Certification and Declaration, with test reports being valid for 2 years.

    The changes made are essentially the following: 
    -The lists of products being subject to Declaration or Certification are now more detailed. 
    -5G technology is included in the list of products subject to Declaration. However, these requirements will be
     applicable after the allocation of radio frequency bands for the deployment of the 5G mobile telecommunication
     network in Belarus. 
    -Some updates regarding EMF requirements, the language in operational documents and the information about 
     software (for certification purposes).
    -The list of applicable standards is being updated.
    -Clarification of some existing scope exceptions:
           -exception of radio modules that are part of television- or radio broadcasting receivers. 
           -exception of telecom facilities requiring the issuance of a permit for the right to use the radio
            frequency spectrum in the operation of a radio electronic facility or a high-frequency device for 
            civil purposes.
    -Added new exception: Telecom facilities used for the preparation and holding of sports or cultural and
     entertainment events held by the decision of the President of the Republic of Belarus, ensuring the stay of 
     official foreign delegations are not subject to conformity approval. 

    Further information about the regulation is available here.

    For additional information, please contact

    “(However, as long as the sanctions are in effect, Nemko is not in position to assist customers with market access of products into Belarus)”

    (The article is based on the email from Kathrin Moukha, IMAsimple, and edited by T.Sollie)

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