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    April 25, 2023

    US Drafts New Requirements for Battery Charger Systems: What You Need to Know

    The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, in cooperation with the Department of Energy (DOE), recently released a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding energy conservation standards for battery chargers to be discussed in a public meeting on April 27, 2023. 

    The Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) outlines the energy conservation standards for a variety of consumer products, as well as some commercial and industrial equipment. This includes battery chargers. Periodically, the EPCA requires the DOE to review and determine if more stringent standards are necessary. An increase in requirements will only occur if: it is technologically feasible, economically justifiable, and would result in significant energy savings. 

    On Thursday, April 27, 2023, the DOE will conduct a public, virtual meeting from 1:00PM EST until 4:00PM EST. During this webinar, the DOE will be proposing a new, multi-metric energy conservation standard to apply to battery chargers. These proposed standards will affect the following products imported and manufactured within the United States:

    • Fixed-location wireless battery chargers
    • Open-placement wireless battery chargers
    • Low-energy, medium-energy, and high-energy battery chargers

    The public is encouraged to submit comments via any of the following methods:

    • Using the Federal eRulemaking Portal, under docket number EERE-2020-BT-STD-0013
    • By emailing, under docket number EERE-2020-BT-STD-0013
    • By mailing to Appliance and Equipment Standards Program, U.S. Dept of Energy, Building Technologies Office, Mailstop
      EE-5B, 1000 Independence Ave SW, Washington D.C. 20585-0121
    • By calling 202-287-1445

      Depending on the outcome of this meeting, importers and manufacturers of battery chargers within the U.S. market will be required to comply with these new requirements two years after the publication of the final rule. It will also require registration within the DOE database, otherwise the product could be withdrawn from the US market. 

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