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    August 2, 2023

    Vietnam's New Regulations for Telecom Equipment: What You Need to Know


    Vietnam’s Ministry of Information & CommunicationsVietnam’s Ministry of Information & Communications (MIC) has by Circular No. 04/2023/TT-BTTTT, announced im-plementation of “Regulations on the list of potentially unsafe products and goods under the management  responsi-bility of the Ministry of Information & Communications"  
    MIC did early this year announce relevant new technical standards, as well as a draft circular with “List of products under Type Approval and SDoC scheme". The formal regulations have since been published and now made effec-tive from 15 July. 

    The Circular No.04/2023/TT-BTTTT, which is available in Vietnamese language at this link, states amongst other the following:

     -The Vietnamese electrical safety standard for IT equipment, QCVN 132 (:2022/BTTTT) is largely based on IEC 62368-1:2018. Until 1January 2024, MIC will temporarily accept reports based on IEC 62368-1: 2018 from overseas and local accredited laboratories. Products which must comply with QCVN 132 include DECT phones, PCs and Tablets, TV set-top-boxes.

    - Terrestrial mobile communication terminals other than mobile phones, must from 1 July 2024 use E-UTRA FDD (4G) technology. Existing certificates according to QCVN 117 (:2020/BTTTT)  are applicable within their validity period, but not later than 30 June 2024.

    - Certificates for 5G mobile communication terminals that comply with only one of the two standards QCVN 127 (:2021/BTTTT) and QCVN 129 (:2021/BTTTT)  will become invalid after 30 June 2024. It means that 5G terrestrial mobile terminals must after 1 July 2024 support both SAN and NAS.

    -Near-field communication equipment is moved from Annex I to Annex II, so now under SDoC scheme, so no longer requires Type Approval. 

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    (Article is based on the info provided by Vanessa Wen and edited by T.Sollie)

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