Gain a better understanding of the requirements for radio approval in the US with the FCC white paper.

With this guide, Nemko intends to offer practical support to fully understand the approval process, for the US market. In the United States, the entity responsible for governing the regulatory aspects concerning radio products is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the federal agency responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws and regulations concerning the approval of wired and non-wired electronic products.

The FCC establishes a legal obligation for anyone who intends to sell wireless devices on US territory to obtain appropriate approval. Unlike the European Union, where manufacturers are allowed to issue a declaration of conformity certifying the product’s compliance with the requirements established by the RED directive, the United States requires the presence of a unique code associated with the radio module in the product (FCC ID) or associated with the end product.

Nemko is FCC-recognised for carrying out laboratory tests and certifying Wireless & Telecom devices.
As a TCB (Telecommunications Certification Body) and thanks to a range of accreditations among the
most comprehensive on the market, Nemko can support its clients in the assessment and certification
phase of a wide variety of products.

By downloading the guide, you will gain a better understanding of the below:

  • What are the approval procedures
  • What are the required documentations I need to have in place?
  • What are the requirements for the FCC label?

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