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    E-book: The complete guide to UKCA marking

    Published October 2022

    UKCA marking replaces the European CE-marking.

    Since 2021, this marking has been the product conformity marking in the United Kingdom (England, Wales and Scotland), but to allow companies time to adjust, a transition period was agreed in which products with CE-marking have still been accepted in the United Kingdom (UK).

    However, on 1 January 2023, this transition period comes to an end, and companies that wish to maintain their market access to England, Wales and Scotland after 31 December 2022 need to start adopting the UKCA marking.

    This UKCA guide will provide you with: 

    • An overview of the requirements associated with UKCA marking

    • Differences between UKCA marking and CE-marking

    • Important details regarding the UK market access requirements for electrical products.

    Download your guide