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    In vitro diagnostic

    Obtain all relevant approvals and certifications for your IVD products

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    At Nemko, we work closely with manufacturers of IVD (in vitro diagnostic) products to reduce time-to-market across the world, and to achieve compliance without complexity. 

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    In vitro diagnostic devices are medical diagnostic tools and accessories that are used in testing or screening clinical samples, including blood and tissue. In this way, health professionals are able to detect infection or a medical condition. Ultimately, IVD devices can prevent disease. 

    Our laboratory engineers provide a full range of testing using the latest lab equipment. They have expertise in biotechnology, chemistry, materials and polymer science, and will support you with cost-effective solutions in the development and approval of your IVD products. Make sure that the IVD devices quickly reach the people who need them the most by accelerating the process of obtaining all relevant certifications. This means that you will swiftly gain access to international markets. 

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