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    Make sure your product is ready for 1 July 2023 when MTCTE phase III and IV are mandatory!

    MTCTE covers 55 types of telecom products along with associated variants, so there is a good chance that your telecom product is covered by MTCTE

    Obtaining a MTCTE certification usually takes 5-7 months, so start your process today and have your product certified on time.

    How Nemko can help? 

    As an accredited lab for MTCTE testing, Nemko can assist with the preparation and future testing solutions required to keep your products on the market in India for years to come!

    Get started by scheduling a 10 min call with us! 

    Why is this important?

    The objectives of MTCTE are:

    1. No telecom equipment degrades the performance of any existing network to which it is connected
    2. Safety of end-users
    3. Protection of users and public by ensuring that radiofrequency emissions from equipment do not exceed prescribed standards
    4. Compliance of telecom equipment with relevant national and international regulatory standards and requirements.

    Next Steps

    Contact us today to begin your certification journey, and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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