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    White paper: The evolution of 5G

    Mobile devices have fundamentally changed the way the world works in ways no one could have predicted.

    5G is not a fixed standard, nor is 5G service something that will simply replace 4G and then continue to exist in a consistent way for the next decade. In fact, 5G is much like an organic entity that will evolve and change over time. This is important to understand when thinking about 5G. It explains why certain developments are happening now, while others will happen later. More importantly, it should also give you the perspective to recognize that even though there are some challenges in the initial deployments of 5G, a lot more promise is still to come.

    The bottom line is that we’re still in the early days for 5G devices, networks, and service plans, and there are still a number of challenges in making it all work. However, it’s clear that there’s a great deal of evolution and enhancements being made to the 5G standards and 5G networks. 

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