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    January 23, 2023

    20 years of successful partnership: Nemko and JMA Wireless

    Through our ability to offer a complete package of testing, certification, and market access services, we successfully support JMA Wireless in Italy, confirming year after year that this is an ideal partnership.

    TOP 3 STRENGHTS OF NEMKO – according to Alessandro Brunelli, Principal Certification Engineer of JMA Wireless




    In October, we had the pleasure of visiting the italian site of JMA Wireless, a historical partner of Nemko Italy. The day was a fascinating temporal journey inserted in a beautiful context: an old farm surrounded by greenery, now restored and used for important business meetings or for team building activities with its employees.

    At this magical place, we had the pleasure of meeting Alessandro Brunelli, Principal Certification Engineer of JMA Wireless, to talk to him about their positive experience with working with Nemko.

    “The start of the collaboration with Nemko dates back to 20 years ago. Nemko was the only company that gave us clear answers and well-detailed services about our product”, says Alessandro.

    alessandro-brunelli-jma-nemko-customer-storyAlessandro Brunelli - Principal Certification Engineer of JMA Wireless

    From analog repeaters to wireless connectivity solutions

    JMA Wireless is a leading company in the mobile telecommunications sector, it designs develops and produces the most advanced 4G and 5G communication systems. The JMA research center in Italy is in Castel San Pietro Terme, which represents the Bologna Technology Center of the JMA Wireless group, and in Milan.

    The company was founded in the late 1970s in the Bologna area and immediately set out to be a leading company in the design and production of analogue repeaters for television signals. In 2012 it became JMA Wireless, with headquarters in America in Syracuse, going from a company of 36 people to over 200 in a short time.

    The Nemko's services reduces JMA time-to-market.

    A company like JMA Wireless need to make sure that their products comply with relevant standards to obtain certification and approval to be sold on various international markets.

    “We use almost all Nemko’s services, starting from laboratory tests such as EMCelectromagnetic compatibility – or safety tests to radio tests. These are the main ones related to our products, which serve to place our products in different states, in different countries. After this comes all the certifications and registrations with the related ministries to obtain the appropriate global market access: for example, the FCC for the American market and the MIC for the Japanese market,” says Alessandro.

    Nemko’s support is essentially based on the three phases described below. Using the support of Nemko through all the phases optimizes JMA Wireless time-to-market.

    • Pre-compliance – If required, JMA Wireless involves Nemko as early as possible in the product development process to avoid surprises and ensure shortest possible time-to-market.
    • Product testing – From our laboratory in Italy, Nemko guides JMA Wireless on the tests they need and perform the tests ensuring that all products comply with relevant radio, EMC, safety and environmental standards.
    • Product certification and global market access – Nemko certifies the products ensuring they have the certifications they need to be sold in the markets, JMA Wireless offers their products.


    Learn more about JMA Wireless and the support Nemko provides for international certification and testing of their wireless devices.



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