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    March 6, 2023

    Nemko & KTC Cyber Security Collaboration: Strengthening IoT Compliance


    On 3 March 2023, Nemko signed an agreement with KTC for cooperation within cyber security services. Concurrently, Nemko also formally authorized the KTC cyber security lab.

    Nemko and KTC have announced strategic cooperation to enhance their capabilities in meeting the growing demand for cyber security compliance, particularly in the IoT industry. With mandatory cyber security requirements being increasingly introduced, compliance with cyber security regulations is becoming a prerequisite to gaining market access for wireless products. The implementation of cyber security requirements in the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) from August 2024 is a significant milestone in this regard.

    Nemko and KTC are both leaders in the testing and certification of IoT products and have licensed laboratories for the international Common Criteria cyber security scheme. Both companies are committed to providing their clients with the highest quality testing and certification services. The strategic cooperation between the two companies is a significant step in this direction, enabling them to provide their clients with state-of-the-art testing and certification services and ensuring that their IoT products and industrial cooperations are fully compliant with the cyber security requirements that are becoming increasingly important in today's digital world.

    "This cooperation will make us better equipped to meet the coming needs of manufacturers who very soon are required to demonstrate cyber security compliance in order to put their product on the market," said Mr. Per Ove Øyberg, CEO of Nemko.

    For more information about the cooperation, please contact:
    Geir Hørthe, Cyber Security Manager -


    About KTC
    Korea Testing Certification institute (KTC) is the representative testing and certification institute of KOREA. For over 50 years since its establishment, KTC has provided testing and certification services in various fields such as electric, electronic, communication, machinery, chemistry, bio, etc., and has supported Korea's industrial growth by responding to national R&D demands.
    In addition, they have established domestic and overseas bases to support the growth of Korean companies, regional innovation, exports, overseas expansion, etc.
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    About Nemko
    Nemko is a global testing, inspection and certification company headquartered in Oslo in Norway with offices across Europe, North America and Asia. Since 1933, they have helped make the world a safer place by providing third-party compliance services and global market access solutions that safeguards products, environment, people and systems. Through the delivery of services within pre-compliance, product testing, product certification, international approval, cyber assurance, field evaluation, management system certification and functional safety, a global team of 650 people helps our customers comply with product and systems requirements anywhere in the world.

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