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    December 9, 2021

    Industrial Machinery Testing and certification

    Industrial Machinery Testing and certification

    As global economies continue to expand, with the discovery of new technologies, the demand for printing, paper, food, textile & other machinery / industrial equipment is growing. Considering applicable regulations, our assessment will minimize machine defects & maximize in-compliance of your machinery & industrial equipment.

    As a manufacturer/importer/exporter of machinery you need various approvals for placing the product successfully in the international markets. Nemko India have a rich & extensive experience with the safety testing of industrial equipment & machinery. Reports & Certificates issued by us are internationally recognized which displays manufacturer’s commitment to high quality standards. As an accredited test lab for machinery / industrial equipment we are a big player in industrial machine inspection, testing & verification.

    Our test/inspection facilities (for machinery / industrial equipment) include but not limited to:

    1. Control function
    2. Determination of limits of machinery
    3. Documentation of risk assessment & risk reduction
    4. Electrical motors & associated equipment
    5. Earth resistance
    6. Hazard identification 
    7. Inherently safe design measures
    8. Protection against electric shock,  etc.

    Basic Documents requirements :

    1. Service manual , operation manual
    2. General operation description & configuration of product
    3. Risk assessment file
    4. Photographs of the machine    
    5. An overall drawing of product , as well as other drawings to cover specific aspects of products , such as circuit diagrams. 
    6. Letter of declaration (product specific)
    7. Detailed technical specification
    8. Software , firmware & hardware configuration when its type or revision level may affect compliance.

    For more info, please visit here

    How Nemko can help 

    1. Through our offices and labs globally you would be benefited to get the approval of your machinery from anywhere in the world.
    2. We would help you to prepare the applicable conformity assessment / suitable procedures for your target market.
    3. Nemko has employees who participate in regulatory body committees , allowing us to always provide the latest update and input to our customer.

    The Benefits of working with Nemko

    1. By choosing Nemko as your market access partner , you will be working with experienced processionals focused on delivery via the optimal route to product compliance and testing as well as can guide you towards the right path for certification.
    2. Nemko provides a fast turnaround time, helping to get your products to market in as little time as possible.
    3. our machinery certification includes but not limited to inspection & audits , testing/witness testing , design verification etc.

    For more information about how Nemko can help your organization for machinery / industrial equipment, write us at

    Anshuman Dash

    Anshuman Dash is a product compliance specialist & marketing professional having extensive years of experience in many standards & regulatory requirements. He has a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from "Institute of Technical Education & Research" , Bhubaneswar and currently pursuing Masters. Along with International...

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