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    July 13, 2021

    Nemko Taiwan Partners with Onward Security for IoT Cyber Security Services

    Nemko, one of major European certification bodies in the world, is partnering with a Taiwanese independent cyber security compliance solutions provider, Onward Security, to serve larger IoT Taiwanese tech companies for European and international market. 30. June 2021, a certificate was conferred to Onward Security by Nemko Group New Business Development Division, Mr Geir Horthe in recognition of its competence in Consumer IoT Cyber Security service scope.

    We all know that cyber security is a challenge for all connected products and systems. This threat includes national security, financial operations, major industry and even home systems and personal data.Even manufacturers, often faces many IT Hacker attack in risk.

    Especially when it comes to IoT products, we see many manufactures are now repeating the mistakes done by the IT industry ten years ago. And even today there are IoT products shipped with little to no security in place, like for instance using default username and passwords or no encryption.

    With this new partnership, the first of its kind in Taiwan with Nemko, Onward Security will be capable of carrying out testing and consultation services for ETSI EN 303 645 on behalf of Nemko. This means that Taiwanese IoT manufacturers exporting electronic products can access Onward ‘s reliable testing and consultation services in Cyber Security to assure product has compliance with European Directive in Cyber security.

    Nemko is one of the founding members of the IECEE, the umbrella organization of the Certification Bodies (CB) scheme and is one of the leaders in issuing CB test reports and certificates dealing with the safety of electrical and electronic components, equipment and products and now also expand the services in Cyber Security scope in new era IT world.

    The Norway-based testing and certification company extended its reach into Taiwan in 1994 to provide services to help local companies comply with requirements around the world. The 87-year-old trusted brand has more than 500 employees in 16 offices worldwide,

    Onward Security, one of leading Cyber Security compliance solutions providers in Taiwan noted that the partnership with Nemko will enable the company to carry out reliable cyber services that will give clients an edge over the competitions.

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    Danny Lu

    Mr. Danny Lu joined Nemko Group AS Taiwan Branch more than 15 years and now responsible for Key Account Management, Marketing Communication and New Business Development, all three major areas. Danny has Master of MBA degree of Arizona State University, has much experience in New Business Development and Market...

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