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    May 1, 2024

    Several new agreements concluded in Korea


    In line with its ambition to expand the services portfolio, Nemko Korea has during Q1 this year, been active entering into agreements with several partners:
    In January, an MoU was signed with ICR, which is, amongst other, a professional certification body for management system certification, accredited Jan MOU Koreato the international standard ISO/IEC 17021 and also is a recognized testing laboratory with wide scope. ICR is heading toward the goal of becoming an international certification body and the parties have exchanged intentions for closer cooperation on test and certification services in specific fields, such as for batteries and also for North American certification (NRTL and FE).

    In February, an MoU was signed with KATRI (Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute), which was founded already in 1964 as the Apparel-for-Feb MOUExport Inspection Office to provide of testing, inspection, certification and quality assurance services in fields such as textile, chemistry, environment, bio, health and mobility.
    Their scope includes industrial/consumer products, such as automotive interior/exterior products, household goods, construction materials, electronic/electrical equipment, washing/cleaning products and products for seniors and children.
    The agreement aims to promote mutual development through the improvement of work efficiency, competence building and cultivation of performance values of both organizations. It will also explore the possibility to provide bundled or subcontracted services including chemical testing.

    In March, an MoU was signed with  Dt&C for mutual cooperation in the fields of conformity evaluation especially for cybersecurity. Dt&C is the first March MOUprivate MFDS testing and inspection body in Korea, providing testing and certification services regarding electrical safety, energy efficiency, SAR, reliability test, failure analysis, IoT and interface certification. Their scope includes medical devices, home appliances, telecommunications, automobiles, nuclear power, defense, aviation, railways, and ships.
    The agreement concerns information exchange and cooperation on testing, inspection, certification and standards of both organizations. It will involve mutual cooperation on cybersecurity testing and certification, exploration of joint business opportunities in the field of chemical analysis, and other exchanges and cooperation to promote mutual development and strengthen the partnership between the two parties.

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    (The article is based on the information provided by Seungyeun Song and edited by T. Sollie)

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