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    November 14, 2022

    UKCA marking deadline extended until 31 December 2024

    The deadline for when businesses need to use the UKCA mark has been extended another 2 years. Businesses can continue to use the CE marking and reversed epsilon marking on the Great Britain (GB) market until 31 December 2024.

    To provide businesses with flexibility, the UK government will bring forward legislation shortly, that would continue to allow recognition of the CE marking and the reversed epsilon marking for most goods that are being placed on the market or put into service before 11 pm on 31 December 2024.


    Products that are CE-complaint and meet the applicable requirements at the moment of time of placement on the market do not need to be remarked or recertified to UKCA requirements and can continue to circulate on the GB market until it reaches its end user. This also includes where the CE-marked product was conformity assessed and certified under EU conformity assessment procedures before 11 pm on 31 December 2024 to be used by manufacturers as the basis for UKCA marking until the expiry of the certificate or until 31 December 2027, whichever is sooner.


    UKCA labelling easement


    The UK government intends to introduce legislation enabling the UKCA marking to be placed on a label affixed to the product or on a document accompanying the product until 11 pm on 31 December 2027. This measure will apply to most regulations.


    There are different rules in place for medical devices, construction products, cableways, transportable pressure equipment, unmanned aircraft systems, rail products, and marine equipment.


    The legislation shall also allow businesses to include UK importer information for products imported from EEA countries (and in some cases, Switzerland) on an accompanying document or a label until 31 December 2027.


    For more information on UKCA marking

    E-book: The complete guide to UKCA marking

    On-demand webinar: The full overview


    For further information

    UKCA marking: conformity assessment and documentation - GOV.UK (
    Placing manufactured products on the market in Great Britain - GOV.UK (
    Businesses to be given UK product marking flexibility - GOV.UK (


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