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    March 1, 2021

    What to Expect of Wireless Device Certification

    The number of devices that use wireless communication interfaces is growing at a rapid pace. All manufacturers and importers must ensure that their products comply with international and local regulatory standards for health, safety, radio performance, electromagnetic compatibility, and quality. Additionally, complying with these regulatory standards also brings the challenge of reducing your manufacturing cost and time to market while trying to avoid denial and fines by authorities.  

    Understanding the compliance requirements of different markets requires expert advice from an experienced Testing and Certification Body. Certification is based on review of test results, technical design documentation and administrative attestations. Nemko’s Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) has steps in place that ensure quick turnaround time: 

    • Review of applications and provide prompt feedback 
    • Explain the rules and regulations 
    • Issue certifications for compliant product 
    • Register certifications with the regulatory authorities  

    Compressed scheduling is an example of how Nemko accelerates regulatory compliance programs. We have a designated team to assist our clients with compiling the necessary documentation (forms, exhibits, etc.) for wireless certifications. As you probably have encountered, testing is relatively easy; populating documentation, on the other hand, is the most laborious and frustrating task of the entire process. It’s one of the many reasons we have trained our team to ease the burden and assist with removing obstacles.  

    Nemko operates four dedicated wireless certification labs across North America that offer compressed scheduling. Performing testing in parallel allows our clients to reduce their regulatory compliance schedule by several days, if not weeks, for large programs.  

    We have a team of wireless subject matter experts to assist our clients with regulatory questions, kick-off meetings to prepare for testing (hardware and software review) to ensure a smooth hand-off to Nemko’s operation team. By obtaining a certificate of compliance from a reputable organization like Nemko, you clearly distinguish your products from non-compliant products in the eyes of authorities and end-users. Contact us today to learn more about how to prepare for wireless device certification.  

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    Vina Kerai

    Vina is located in Nemko’s US office and she is responsible for Nemko’s Telecommunications Certification Body programs. Vina has a proven track record of successfully implementing and managing certification programs with over 18 years of experience from R&D/engineering, compliance testing and certification to...

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