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    Private Certification Private authentication (W- Mark)

    W Mark is a management system that specializes in the development of diverse corporate management and workplaces, mainly for employment of people with disabilities.

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    All companies should make sure differently abled persons are given the same opportunities as everyone else

    With the strong demand for social responsibility of companies and organizations, the needs of markets and industry groups are changing drastically. One of the corporate social responsibilities is to provide people with disabilities with peace of mind and the opportunity and place to work equally with others.

    What is a Welfare Diversity Management System (WDMS)?

    WDMS is a standard developed by Nemko and the Japan Association for Health and Welfare as a management system for the employment of people with disabilities. This standard is a common standard structure with international management system standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

     Companies opt for welfare management for disabled persons based on WDMS standards By constructing a system and conducting business management that is mindful of the disabled, the W mark is awarded as a symbol of a company that is friendly to the disabled.

     The WDMS (Welfare Management System for people with Disabilities) is the establishment of a system within an organization to create an environment in which organizations work equally with other people with various disabilities. It serves as a guideline for establishing a working environment, a system for deepening the necessary knowledge and understanding of people working together, and a system for continuously improving them.

    What kind of organizations should get W-Mark certification? 

    WDMS is a set of requirements related to employment of people with disabilities. Not only large enterprises, but also medium-sized companies can make efforts in accordance with the actual state of the organization.

    One of the important points in employment for people with disabilities is that companies identify and review their own operations.

     Then, understand the characteristics of individual disability and the characteristics of individuals with disabilities, and not 'people adapt to work'. The key is to 'provide a personalized job'.

     Building a management system based on this WDMS, washing operations, improving the workplace environment, and standardizing operations in the near future, We expect that management by people with disabilities will form a general society.


    The benefit of  W-Mark certification? 

    The W-mark certification is not a temporary certification, but a certification with a three-year expiration date. This is the important point of continuous activity and improvement of retention rates in the employment of persons with disabilities. The organization will continue to maintain a system of management for persons with disabilities. It is possible to maintain the W-mark certification by regularly reviewing the proper operation.

    This certification enables companies to prove in the form of third-party authentication that they are performing effective activities against the employment of persons with disabilities on an ongoing basis.

    Certified companies can use the W mark in various media such as business cards, websites, and company information.


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    Our knowledgeable and efficient auditors bring the longstanding expertise of a company that has been providing third-party certification according to ISO standards for more than a quarter of a century.

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