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    EMC Testing Services Electromagnetic Compatibility

    Offering comprehensive global electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing services, Nemko has more than sixty EMC laboratories located across the globe.

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    The Internet of Things has revolutionized how our world works, introducing new and innovative technologies that keep us connected more than ever before. But with these recent changes come some unavoidable challenges.

    All electrical and electronic devices generate some form of unwanted interference. Still, as more and more of these products come close to one another, it’s crucial to ensure that they continue to function without issue.

    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio frequency (RF) testing is used to analyze whether or not a device can operate as it should when in close contact with other devices. Leveraging a third-party service provider to conduct these extensive tests will ensure global market access and gain that competitive advantage with your product while on the market.

    As a significant international player in the world of electromagnetic compatibility testing, Nemko offers an array of comprehensive testing and certification solutions, meeting the regulatory requirements for a wide range of product categories found across the globe.

    Nemko’s team of experts and laboratory facilities can be found worldwide, offering extensive EMC testing service such as emissions (EMI) and immunity (EMS) testing.

    Benefits of partnering with Nemko

    Nemko offers a single-source solution for product certification (except India) and testing services, available for your organization no matter where you are in the world. Leverage our recognized cybersecurity expertise and active involvement in the ever-changing world of standards to ensure your products are secure and up to date with standards at all times.

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