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    Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Emissions Testing

    Nemko provides testing to ensure electromagnetic energy doesn’t negatively affect the operation of an electronic device or product.

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    Electromagnetic disturbances that come from an electronic device, causing interference or possible malfunction to other devices within the same environment, are a growing concern in the twenty-first century.

    EMI testing ensures that all emissions are below the applicable limits defined for that type of device. It provides reasonable assurance that it will not cause harmful interference towards other devices or fail to perform properly due to other emissions while in operation.

    Nemko provides EMC testing, consultancy, and certification services for various measurements and device classifications. This test scope includes:

    • Conducted emissions testing: AMN, voltage probe, current probe, telecom port, and discontinuous methods
    • Insertion loss
    • Radiated electromagnetic field (Van Veen Loop)
    • Disturbance power
    • Conducted common-mode terminal voltage
    • Radiated emissions
    • Harmonic current emissions
    • Flicker and voltage fluctuations

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    Nemko offers a single-source solution for product certification and testing services, available for your organization no matter where you are in the world. Leverage our recognized cybersecurity expertise and active involvement in the ever-changing world of standards to ensure your products are secure and up to date with standards at all times.

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