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    Radio and wireless Testing

    All devices with integrated radio and wireless technology must be tested and certified to ensure safe and effective use of radio frequency. Nemko has more than 30 years of experience in testing a diverse range of radio equipment.

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    Requirements for the radio regulatory testing and certification can vary considerably depending on what the product is used for (medical devices, automotive devices, telematics devices, Internet of Things, etc.).

    Nemko's global radio test team can test a diverse range of radio equipment, delivering fast and efficient turnaround times in our laboratories and providing a complete range of world class testing services through our numerous accreditations.

    Our wireless product testing technologies

    Maritime Radio Systems such as VHF/UHF radiocommunication, EPIRBS, AIS, and NAVTEX receivers

    Short-range devices such as Bluetooth, WLAN (Zigbee, RFID, SRD, wireless audio, ISM band equipment, and alarms)

    Satellite Mobile Earth Stations such as Inmarsat systems in 1.6 GHz band and VSAT (KU and KA band)

    DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) devices such as CAT-iq and DECT Security

    include 2G/3G/4G/5G/NB IOT and GPS

    Nemko can also support with wired products as telecom equipment, including LAN features and requirements.

    Our certification services

    EU under the Radio Equipment Directive  - Nemko can offer Notified Body service for EU-Type Examination CE marking

    United States FCC Certification  - Nemko can offer Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB)

    Canada ISED certification  - Nemko can offer Foreign Certification Body (FCB)

    Japan MIC certification - Nemko can offer Radio Certification Body (RCB)

    Brazil ANATEL certification  
    - Nemko is able to manage the entire certification process to obtain ANATEL Brazilian Radio approval, from testing to the last certification and market access step.

    China SRRC certification - Nemko is able to manage the entire certification process to obtain Chinese SRRC Radio approval, from testing to the last certification and market access step.

    India WPC/MTCTE certification  - Nemko is a TEC designated laboratory for safety, EMC & RF testing. 

    Additionally, Nemko has special arrangements with approval bodies and authorities with many countries that still have mandatory certification for electrical equipment and telecom/radio appliances.



    5G Radio Wireless

    5G and WiFi 6E

    Nemko can support our customers with 5G tests during the development process to help prepare products for market approval. We offer part of the requirements for regulatory tests for devices with 5G technology (as the necessary standards for 5G are not yet finally harmonized). Nemko can also offer the requirements for regulatory tests for devices with Wi-Fi 6E technology. WiFi 6E is the common term used to describe WiFi devices operating in 6GHz. It has the same features as WiFi6 but extended into the 6GHz band.

    Global Trends Cyber Security

    Key info guide: International market access for radio and telecom products

    The process of obtaining the necessary approvals to deliver wireless products to the world market is complex.The first step is to get an overview of the requirements.

    To help you with that, Nemko has recently updated our key info document where you can find information about the regulatory requirements for wireless products in 50+ markets.

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    It can be complicated to find the right path through the regulatory and industry requirements for a radio device. We help you to understand the difficult requirements and guide you through the sometimes the difficult requirements for your radio devices.

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