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    Product approval and
    CE Solutions

    As both a testing and certification body, Nemko offers the necessary product and safety testing solutions to help develop a strong technical report for approval.

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    The CE Marking is a mandatory requirement for product manufacturers in the European Union, and it is dictated by a number of directives across a wide range of product lines. The CE Marking on a product indicates it complies with all legal requirements within the EEA and can be sold throughout the geographic area.
    Nemko offers product and safety testing services necessary to demonstrate compliance and gain the CE Marking across product lines. For directives in which a Notified Body must be involved, Nemko can issue certificates as required.

    Pre-compliance testing

    Your Partner at Every Stage of the Process

    Choosing Nemko as your market access partner presents a variety of benefits for your organization. Our team of experts will identify the optimal route for product compliance and testing, guiding your organization through the certification process as efficiently as possible.

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