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    Household appliances regulatory requirements

    Nemko has been a trusted name in the testing of household products since 1933. Manufacturers from all corners of the Globe count on Nemko for efficient testing and fast international approvals.

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    We have an extensive scope of products in the 60335 series in our labs all over the world.

    As the proud leading provider of CB certificates for Household products, we can tell with confidence, that we are sure we can help you! No matter where you produce your product - you are not far away from an Nemko 60335 expert.

    We offer the following solutions:

    • Pre-evaluation of your products and project management
    • Testing in our in-house lab facilities, testing via our customer programs and testing in cooperation with our labs around the world
    • Cyber security  evaluations and certifications
    • Worldwide market access through our Nemko Direct program

    Household products tested at Nemko includes among other things:

    Coffee machines, dishwashers, washing machines, irons, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, cooker hoods, cooking hobs, kitchen ovens, panel heaters, sewing machines and hairdryers,

    Nemko’s testing services for household products include:

    • EMC, Performance, Environmental and energy efficiency

    Relevant Certification schemes:

    Smart Home

    Nemko is your One-stop-shop service provider for wireless communication technologies

    Wireless Testing

    In the age of the ever-evolving Internet of Things, connected devices must be carefully tested to ensure total safety and security of these products before they go to market.


    What we can offer for Radio testing...

    Cyber Security

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, connecting more and more of our world through communication devices, a growing trend has emerged: cyber security threats.

    Read more about Cyber Assurance and what we can do for you...

    International Approval for Wireless Devices

    Start with our world-class testing services and follow up with our seamlessly integrated certification services to establish a strong foundation for international approvals.

    What country to want to sell to?

    Benefits of
    working withNemko

    Since 1933, Nemko has ensured that customers comply with new and existing requirements anywhere in the world. With their recognized cyber security expertise paired with active involvement in standards development and implementation, Nemko is proud to offer a global, single source solution for testing and product certification.

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